Hot Water Repairs

Is your Hot water on the blink? Is it not working properly and costing you money on energy bills? If your Hot water repair service isn’t running efficiently it could be costing you money and may be in need of repair or depending on its age it may need replacing. Pretty Plumbing can help you with all your hot water needs from fast repair service to the installation of new energy saving systems such as solar and gas hot water repair services.


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Our trained staff of experienced plumbers can help you with all the advice on Hot Water Repairs, service and installation of the latest in hot water heater technology. We work with the best brands in the business and can provide you with an excellent emergency repair service for most systems. If your system is more than 10 years old, chances are it will need replacing. With energy and water bills on the rise it’s important to have the most efficient system that suits your needs and we can help with the latest.  


icon_readmore.pngGas and Electric Solutions

Many are turning to gas hot water for its clean energy and cost efficient benefits but advances in technology has also made electric more efficient in certain situations. We can install a range of gas hot water services for large or small homes and flats as well as electric systems and gas and electric flow through systems, which are ideal for small spaces and will save you on energy bills and water usage.


icon_readmore.pngSolar Hot Water Systems

Allow you to do your bit for the environment as well. We have a range of different models to suit various requirements and can advise on the best system for your home.


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If you’re having Hot water problems, don’t worry, just give us a call at Pretty Plumbing and our experienced and friendly staff will provide you with the right fast service and advice to get your hot water repairs just the way it should.